type k thermocouple thermometer ET-959


Thermocouple Thermometers ( contact thermometers )offer fast response and laboratory accuracy.ET-959 (dual inputs) is a microprocessor-based digital thermometer designed to use external type K/J thermocouples (temperature probes) as temperature sensors. These thermometers work with type K /J thermocouples and offer 0.1ºC/0.1ºF resolution over the entire measurement range. A rugged holster protects three models.

Product Details

Quick Details

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: FLUS
Model Number: ET-959
Usage: Industrial
Theory: Temperature Transmitter

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:carrying pouch with gift box
Delivery Detail:7-30days


2. Precise contact measuring
3. MAX/MIN/AVG record

Type of Sensor: K-type/J-type thermocouple

Temp. Range:
Type J -210~1100 °C
Type K -200~1372 °C

Basic Accuracy:
Type J :±(0.15%rdg+1 °C)
Type K :±(0.15%rdg+1 °C)

Operating Conditions: -20~60 °C, 10~90%RH

Storage Conditions: -20~60 °C,10~80%RH

Resolution: 0.1°C

Signal Input: Single input/Dual inputs

Type K/J - Type K/J: T1-T2 

Data Hold: MAX/MIN/AVG hold

Type K/Type J Dual inputs

Dimension(L*W*H):185*66 *33 mm


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