Pressure And Airflow Of Anemometer

- Nov 02, 2017-

An instrument for measuring wind speed, which produces a pressure differential after the air flow filter net, this pressure difference is proportional to the velocity of the airflow, the greater the wind speed, the greater the pressure difference, according to the relationship between the two to calibrate the wind speed; there is a kind of Wen Chuli tube in fluid mechanics, the impact of the air flow on the dynamometer plate, the impact force and wind speed is proportional Anemometer

The wind speed is calibrated according to the impact. Observational observations of meteorological strokes include wind direction observation and wind speed observations of two parts. The direction of several horizontal air currents is usually expressed in 16 geographical directions in ground meteorological observations. The wind speed is the distance that the air in unit time passes, unit m/s.Anemometer

The working principle of the heat-sensitive probe of Anemometer is to take the heat of the heat element away from the cold impact airflow, and to maintain the constant temperature by means of a regulating switch, the regulating current and velocity are proportional. When using heat-sensitive probes in turbulence, the airflow from all directions simultaneously impacts the thermal element, thus affecting the correctness of the measurement results. When measured in turbulent flow, the value of the heat-sensitive anemometer velocity sensor is often higher than the runner-type probe.Anemometer

The correct position of the runner-type probe of the anemometer is that the airflow flow is parallel to the runner shaft. When the probe is rotated gently in the airflow, the value of the indication changes. When the reading reaches the maximum value, it indicates that the probe is in the correct measurement position. In the pipeline measurement, the pipeline straight part of the starting point to the measurement point should be greater than the interval of 0XD, turbulence on the wind speed meter heat-sensitive probe and the impact of the skin is relatively small.Anemometer

The vent will greatly change the distribution state of the relative equilibrium of airflow in the pipe: The high speed zone is produced on the free vent surface, the rest is the Low-speed zone, and the vortex is generated on the grid. According to the different design methods of the grid, the Airflow section is stable at a certain interval (about 20cm) before the grid. In this case, a large anemometer is usually used to measure the caliber of the runner. Because the larger aperture can equalize the uneven velocity and calculate its uniform value in a large range.Anemometer

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