The Character Of Sound Level Meter

- Oct 24, 2017-

Sound level meter is measured by sound signal (sound wave) caused by vibration of the air vibration wave to the sound level of the front of the microphone (microphone head) metal diaphragm vibration wave signal conversion to electrical signals, and then by the special weight network, circuit operation amplification, by digital or meter mode display noise decibel value.Sound Level Meter and the quality of air is not stable, such as: air temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and other factors affected by the environment and will change at any time, so as to ensure that the microphone metal diaphragm to accept the accuracy of the vibration wave signal to adjust the sensitivity of the microphone.Sound Level Meter

The measurement of the characteristics of the acoustic source and the characteristics of the ambient noise (sound field) can be divided into two parts. From the time characteristic of sound source or sound field, it can be divided into steady-state noise measurement and unsteady noise measurement. Non-stationary noise can be divided into periodic variation noise, irregular noise and pulse sound. The frequency characteristics of sound source or sound field can be divided into wideband noise, narrowband noise and noise with outstanding pure tone components. The accuracy of the measurement requirements can be divided into precise measurement, engineering measurement and noise survey.Sound Level Meter

In general, the test point is selected in the social life noise source boundary outside 1m, the height 1.2m above, distance from any reflector surface is not less than 1m position. When the boundary has a wall and the surrounding noise sensitive building is affected, the measuring point should be selected outside the boundary of 1m, above the wall 0.5m above the position. When the boundary is unable to measure the actual emission condition of the sound source (e.g., the sound source is located at high altitude and the boundary is provided with a noise barrier, etc.), the test point shall be set up at the outdoor 1m of the affected noise sensitive building.Sound Level Meter

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