Using Method Of Infrared Thermometer

- Oct 24, 2017-

Infrared thermometer is very simple, it uses infrared technology to quickly and conveniently measure the surface temperature of the object. The temperature readings can be measured quickly without mechanical contact with the object being measured. Just aim, press the trigger, and read the temperature data on the LCD display.Infrared Thermometer 

The infrared thermometer is lightweight, small, easy to use, and can reliably measure hot, dangerous, or inaccessible objects without contaminating or damaging the object being measured. The infrared thermometer can measure several readings per second, and the contact thermometer takes a few minutes per second.Infrared Thermometer

To carefully locate the hot spot, find the hot spot, with infrared temperature measuring instrument aiming at the target, and then on the target to do up and down scanning movement, until the determination of hot spots. When using infrared thermometer, pay attention to environmental conditions: smoke, steam, dust and so on. They both block the optical system of the instrument and affect accurate temperature measurement. When using infrared ray line thermometer, also pay attention to ambient temperature, infrared thermometer knowledge analysis if the infrared thermometer suddenly exposed to ambient temperature difference of 20 degrees or higher, allowing the instrument to adjust to the new ambient temperature within 20 minutes.Infrared Thermometer

It receives invisible infra-red energy emitted by a variety of objects, which are part of the electromagnetic spectrum, including wireless microwaves, ultraviolet, radio, visible light, R-rays, and X-rays. Infra-red is located between visible light and radio waves, the infrared wavelength is commonly used micron expression, wavelength range is 0.7 microns-1000 microns, in fact, 0.7 micron-14 micron wave band for infrared thermometer.Infrared Thermometer

The infrared detection technology is "95" National science and Technology Achievement Key promotion project, infrared detection is a kind of on-line monitoring (no power failure) type of High-tech detection technology, it integrates photoelectric imaging technology, computer technology, image processing technology in one, by receiving the object emitted by infrared (infrared radiation), its thermal image displayed on the screen, In order to correctly determine the surface temperature distribution of the object, it has the right, real-time, fast and so on.Infrared Thermometer

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