Simple infrared Thermometer Price

Simple infrared Thermometer Price

compact Infrared Thermometers provide fast, easy, and accurate readings for most surface temperature measurements

Product Details

simple infrared thermometer price features:

1:Distance to spot size ratio is 12 to 1 at the focal point.
2:Unique flat surface,mini modern housing design.
3:Class II laser to identify the centre point of the area being measured.
4:Impact-resistant ABS case.
5:Auto data hold when trigger released.
6:Auto power off.
7:Backlighting illuminates display for taking measurement at night or in areas with low background light levels.
8:Fixed emissivity at 0.95.

simple infrared thermometer price specifications:



-50℃~330℃ / -58℉~626℉


-50℃~0℃ / -58~32℉ :±4℃ / 7℉

0℃~330℃ / -32~626℉ :±2% ±2℃ / 4℉

Field of View

D:S= Approx. 12:1 (D=distance, S=spot)

Response Time



fixed at 0.95



Spectral Response


Over-Range Indication

“HI”  indicates exceed upper temperature limitation. 

“LO” indicates exceed low temperature limitation.

Polarity Display

Auto display, “-”indicates negative, while positive with no sign.

Diode Laser


Automatic Power Off

Meter shuts off automatically after 20 seconds of inactivity

Operating Temperature

0℃ ~50℃ / 32℉ ~ 122℉

Storage Temp

-20℃ ~ 60℃ /-4℉ ~ 140℉

Relative Humidity

Operating Humidity:10 to 95%RH;Storage Humidity:<80%RH

Power  Supply

one 9V battery



Dimensions (H*W*D)


simple infrared thermometer price pictures:

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